Associates Committee

The Associates Committee works with the Programming Steering Committee. It is responsible for developing programming directed to the associate delegates of the Coalition, for ensuring that the Coalition is relevant to associates at member firms, and that associates take advantage of the opportunities presented to them by the Coalition. 

    Community Outreach Committee

    The Community Outreach Committee partners with charitable organizations to support and promote a variety of women’s issues and initiatives consistent with our mission.  The Committee organizes fundraising and volunteer opportunities for our New York Chapter members.


    •   Jean Cooper Rose, Nationwide Insurance Company

    Credentialing Committee

    The Credentialing Committee helps raise the profiles of our women attorneys by keeping abreast of honors and awards available in the legal profession and promoting the nomination of our members for recognition where they meet or exceed the relevant award criteria.  


    • Cassandra Porsch, Scarola Zubatov Schaffzin PLLC

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new member firms and new in-house counsel (individually and as corporate members) to the Coalition. The Membership Committee is responsible for preparing standard materials to distribute to prospective members and for implementing a welcome protocol for each new member. It also follows up with past members that did not renew their membership in order to evaluate the reason for the non-renewal. The Membership Committee helps coordinate the preparation of the annual “Year in Review” report that is provided to members at the time of renewal as a summary of the value received from their Coalition membership. 


    • Jean Cooper Rose, Nationwide Insurance Company

    Programming Steering Committee

    The Programming Steering Committee is charged with creating and coordinating the annual programming schedule for the Coalition, including (a) an event every 6-8 weeks for Coalition members from “brown bag” telephonic events to formal in-person events; (b) one more expansive annual in-person event open to all member firms, law departments and individual members; and (c) networking opportunities and events for Coalition members. The Programming Steering Committee often invites speakers or other guests to speak at the programming events to educate the members on various legal, business, leadership and professionalism topics. In addition, the Programming Steering Committee liaises with other committees (e.g., Membership, PR, etc.) to increase awareness of the Coalition in general, to advertise upcoming events, and to post information regarding or summaries about past events. Our goal is to make the Coalition’s programming valuable, relevant and engaging for all members of the Coalition.   


    • Sophie Jacobi-Parisi, Warshaw Burstein LLP
    • Cassandra Porsch, Scarola Zubatov Schaffzin PLLC

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